Milk & Honey Ultra Sheer Butter (Body Cream)
Milk & Honey Ultra Sheer Butter (Body Cream)
Milk & Honey Ultra Sheer Butter (Body Cream)


Milk & Honey Ultra Sheer Butter (Body Cream)

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Scent: 好香有小小似Loccitane 嘅Shea Butter 不過再甜小小因為有蜜糖😍 如果你鐘意Shea Butter應該會鐘意呢個味👌🏻🤤

質地: 吱出黎係奶白色 會比Hand Cream果款薄身 水狀d

但同樣吸收得超級快 基本上一分鐘就會吸哂 訓覺前搽絕對冇問題 唔洗驚成個身會痴lup lup🤣如果你同我一樣覺得Jurlique都算lup但又想要差唔多潤 呢款Cuccio啱哂♥️ 

Body Cream 同Hand Cream 最大分別係:hand cream 再潤好多 吱出黎係黃色🤣(就知入面有幾多Honey成份)

但Body Cream 嘅性價比當然高d🤤 一枝有237ml ~足足Double 一枝Hand Cream嘅份量☺️


  • Cuccio Naturalé Lyte Milk & Honey Butter is an ultra sheer cream that provides instant hydration, formulated with time released humectants that moisturize & rejuvenate the skin every two hours
  • This lightweight moisturizer gives 24 hour support for prolonged, long lasting nourishment to your hands, body, and feet, leaving your skin soft and silky all day long; even after hand washing
  • Crafted by beauty professionals & artisans this sheer butter is elaborated with milk to soothe & soften skin along w/honey, one of nature's natural humectants that helps to keep parched skin hydrated
  • This non-oily cream is Paraben & Cruelty Free; elaborated with carefully selected natural ingredients & plant-based preservatives for a scentual spa experience right from the comfort of your own home