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Spa Hand & Body collection
Spa Hand & Body collection


Spa Hand & Body collection

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📍Milk and Honey Butter

Drench your skin in refreshing moisture with Cuccio Naturale Blends Milk and Honey Hydrating Butter. This unique and soothing combination of Milk Proteins, Honey, Aloe Vera, Wheat Germ, Jojoba, and other natural plant extracts invigorates yet calms the skin while imparting intense moisture that lasts 24 hours. Time released emollients and oils nourish parched skin and antioxidants help to prevent damage caused by radicals.


📍Grapeseed Hand Anti-Oxident Oil

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Grapeseed Oil is a natural anti-oxidant enriched with Vitamins A, B, B5, D and E. Renews skin’s appearance so it appears smooth, hydrated and younger looking. Can be used with cotton gloves, moist heated towels or heated mittens. Can be used before paraffin wax treatment. For a more intense treatment, apply anti-oxidant oil and place hands in cotton gloves overnight.



Hand Cream :

Scent: 好香有小小似Loccitane 嘅Shea Butter 不過再甜小小因為有蜜糖😍 如果你鐘意Shea Butter應該會鐘意呢個味🙈🙈

質地: 吱出黎係好厚 但佢吸收得超級快 基本上一分鐘就會吸哂 係用電話都唔會痴lup lup果隻 而且好潤 如果你同我一樣覺得Jurlique都算lup但又想要差唔多潤 呢隻Cuccio啱哂♥️

Body Cream 同Hand Cream 最大分別係:hand cream 再潤好多 吱出黎係黃色🤣(就知入面有幾多Honey成份!)



Scent: 冇乜味🤣 係有小小Seed oil 味但唔係好覺

質地: 薄身吸得好快 但始終都係油 唔會完全冇feel🤣只可以話留喺皮膚果層野好好好薄

用法: 臨瞓前先吱一滴油搽手 過兩分鐘揀cream 再過兩分鐘先禁電話🤣 其實佢係全身用黎搽腳/手踭都ok

P.S 如果皮膚唔係超乾 唔用油都ok架啦🥰