Futchi is founded by 4 artists who come from CSM (Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design) in London. "Not just good but unheard of scents” is their creative fragrance concept, which combines art & consumer lifestyle.

They invited ceramic crafters and perfumers who have been internationally renowned for Byredo, Atelier cologne and other classic perfume brands, in a unique way of independent magazine style they have tried to create 3 perfumed fiction stars.

In praise of Handcraft

Each piece of Futchi products are handmade by ceramic craftsmen with exquisite craftsmanship. Every inch of its texture is well-tried by hundreds of tests, embodying the pursuit of excellence.

Perfume Culture

Futchi fragrances originate from the cradle perfume industry - Grasse, France. Its time-honored cultural heritage and state-of-the-art olfactory process perfectly match the philosophy of Futchi - the highly self-disciplined and the stringent requirements on scents. The qualities of raw material are exactly the same as the ones used to make eau de toilette.

Mild Soy Wax

Futchi believes that your health starts from breathing. So each candle is purely made of natural soy wax from the USA. 2000-hour-long burning tests are necessary to ensure that each candle burns consistently and flawlessly. Choosing the right wicks is also essential, which emanates warmer and serener radiation. The wicks are cotton braids with cellulose cores.