Mymatcha All-over Moisture Stick
Mymatcha All-over Moisture Stick
Mymatcha All-over Moisture Stick


Mymatcha All-over Moisture Stick

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hydrate dry lips and ward off the appearance of dark circles and puffiness with this nourishing, 3-ingredient moisture stick.

apply liberally to dry spots, under eyes, and lips.

Key Ingredients:
organic coconut oil - this vitamin E and amino acid-packed oil deeply nourishes and moisturizes skin
organic beeswax - supports moisture retention by creating a barrier between skin and the environment
organic matcha tea powder - sourced from Japan, this antioxidant-rich powder helps protect skin against environmental stress
full IL: cocos (coconut) nucifera oil*, beeswax*, camellia sinensis leaf powder

 店主用後感❤️ (Dry-Normal Skin)

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